Costs of coccyx fistula treatment

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery Costs

As we are licensed by the health insurance companies, the entire costs for minimally invasive operations and laser surgery are covered by the statutory health insurance companies.

In the case of laser operations, it was previously possible to submit the costs via almost 70 statutory insurers. This is now a thing of the past. On January 1, 2024, a law came into force that is intended to promote outpatient surgery and reduce hospital treatment. This law is known as the “equal sector remuneration or hybrid DRG”. In summary, coccyx fistula operations will be remunerated more highly for practices and less highly for hospitals, so that more patients should benefit from outpatient operations.

For you, this means that no additional payment is necessary, regardless of which surgical technique is used. This is a good step forward in being able to perform more gentle procedures. We are pleased to be able to offer you this now.

  • All statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of minimally invasive outpatient procedures
  • Laser treatments are also covered by statutory health insurance companies
  • Regardless of which treatment is used, you do not have to pay anything extra
Steißbeinfistel Spezialist Dr. Bärtl - Proktologie Nürnberg

Dr. Klaus Bärtl – Your specialist in Nuremberg

Dr. Klaus Bärtl has been working in surgery for over 15 years. He focused on proctology at an early stage and has continued to train in this field ever since. He worked for over 6 years in the proctology practice in Munich with Dr. Hofer, which is highly specialized in the treatment of Pilonidal Sinus, and gained a lot of experience. With over 3,000 sinus operations performed, he is a specialist in the field of coccyx fistula treatment. With empathy, modern therapies and extensive experience, Dr. Bärtl treats patients on site in Nuremberg.

Dr. med. Klaus Bärtl
Visceral Surgery & Proctology

Your all-in-one appointment at the Sinus Center

At the Sinus Center we offer you treatment of your Pilonidal Sinus in one day, we call it the All-in-One appointment. This offer is particularly practical for patients who have a long journey, as no separate appointments are required in advance. With this option, you forgo a respite as well as the opportunity to obtain a second opinion. Patients from the closer surrounding often prefer to have the examination and the consultation separately before the actual treatment.

Important: Please note that the appointments that can be booked online are for consultation hours only. For an all-in-one surgery appointment, it is necessary to contact us in advance by phone or e-mail to carefully plan all the details of your treatment. This ensures that we can organize the day of your treatment optimally according to your needs.

Our aim is to provide our patients with comprehensive and rapid care. On our website you will find all the important information about pilonidal sinus, so that you can find out about the cause, treatment and aftercare in advance. We will then clarify any open questions on the day of the operation or in advance by e-mail using our contact form.

Your advantages:

  • Examination by ultrasound & subsequent surgery on the same day
  • Only 1 appointment necessary
  • Online support for aftercare
  • No hospital stay, no general anesthesia

Sinus Center
Patient evaluation


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